Machining Capabilities


High-tech machines offer superior quality

The significant investment into state-of-the-art, sophisticated machinery sets AER apart from all other remanufacturing companies.

With Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machining Equipment, AER easily and consistently surpasses the most demanding requirements.

The Mori Seiki machines have through spindle cooling, and automatic tooling exchange which results in rapid turn-around of precision machined engine blocks to OEM specifications.

Horizontal CNC Machining Centers

CNC machining centers enable AER to:

  • Consistently achieve highest accuracy measurements
  • Reduce cycle times by 55%
  • Provide same-day entire engine assembly replacement
  • Maintain well-stocked inventory of engines

CNC Honing Machines

AER has once again purchased the latest technology available to hone engine block cylinder bores.

AER uses equipment manufactured by Gehring and Sunnen that mirrors that used in OEM assembly plants.

This high tech CNC equipment offers a significant reduction in cycle time and enables AER to increase the capacity of the cylinder block department.

CNC Crankshaft Grinder

AER is the only remanufacturer in the United States with CNC Crank Grinders.

This machine offers cutting-edge technology for the fully automatic production process.

Typically found only in OEM plants, the capabilities of the new generation CNC Crankshaft Grinder easily exceed current requirements.

The CNC Crankshaft Grinder is designed for complete grinding of crankshafts in one chucking. This technology offers:

Flame Spray

AER continually looks for ways to improve its products and processes, and it invests in the newest and best technology available.

The recently acquired flame spray machine, which was just installed and completed in 2016, will allow AER to easily surpass all current finish requirements for the remanufacture of current model year engine block cylinder bores.