Material Handling

Efficient Systems = Quality Order Fulfillment

AER fulfills customers orders accurately and efficiently through:

Precise material handling and material storage systems enables AER to :

Error free production, time after time

AER combines the best of automation and the human element to ensure quality and eliminate errors often associated with repetitive tasks.

Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), robotic trains that follow wires around the plants, are used to deliver component parts where needed. Operators provide specific and clear instructions, developing controlled plans to fulfill even the most complex orders.

Highly organized and efficient handling of engine component parts allows AER to quickly and accurately fulfill even the most complex orders, regardless of size.

Electronic Data Interface (EDI) Capability

AER’s Electronic Data Interface (EDI) capability allows customers to communicate product orders directly to us, helping us to quickly and accurately fulfill requests.

Through barcoding and other processes to precisely identify product parts, AER fulfills even the most complicated orders accurately and efficiently.

AER has the resources to make sure the communication between our companies systems are fully operational and responsive.

Modern Material Storage

On-site storage of new and remanufactured parts result in:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Decreased changeover times between programs
  • Reduced operating costs

AER’s modern material storage systems and processes allow AER the ability to meet customers different needs quickly and affordably.